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Teach children road safety


How to cross the road

  1. Stop at the footpath or edge of road.
  2. Look to your left and then to your right.
  3. Walk straight, if the road is clear. Do not run.
  4. Do not cross too close to parked vehicles.
  5. Always use zebra crossing or foot over-bridge



Children should be taught to obey traffic rules.

Some tips :

  1. Keep to the left of the road.
  2. Walk on the right where no footpath exists (because they can then see the on coming traffic).
  3. Share the road with others.
  4. Respect the rights of others.
  5. Stand in a queue.
  6. Not keep their limbs out of the bus window.
  7. Not throw banana peels and litter on the road.
  8. Not jump in or out of the running bus.
  9. When in doubt take the help of an elder person to cross the road.



Children should learn to cycle safely. (These may be conveyed at places where bicycles have come into use).

  1. Children should understand that bicycle is a vehicle. Its use is subject to certain rules and regulations which must be obeyed.
  2. Children should understand that bicycle to their size. Over-reaching the pedal is dangerous.
  3. Children should learn to park the cycle properly at a specified place.
  4. Safety rules by bicycles.
    1. Make hand signals before turning or stopping.
    2. Drive near the kerb and not in the middle of the road.
    3. Be very careful while turning right.
    4. Drive in a single file.
    5. Do not play tricks while riding a bicycle.
    6. Have a bell, light or luminous paint
    7. While driving a cycle; do not hold any other moving vehicle and get drive away fast. It is dangerous.
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